Monday, 20 March 2017

Great Crested Grebes Mating

Yesterday morning at the Lazy Otter this pair of Great Crested Grebes were mating and nest building in that order.   Their nest is in a very exposed position and one can only hope it doesn't get predated.   There is at least one egg in it although not easy to see.   The nest is also very vulnerable to passing boats which are probably not on the move that much, yet.   The light wasn't good initially and the images contrasty but worth capturing nevertheless.


brianhuman said...

Excellent behavioural studies. As you say the nest does look very vulnerable, but I think this is normal for the GCG and the seem to do fairly well, or at least well enough to be a quite common site on rivers and lakes. Do they cover the egg when they leave the nest, or do they never leave it unattended?

Sue B-H said...

The brief sighting of an egg was effectively when they were changing over incubation duties. There weren't any attempts to cover the egg(s). The bird not incubating was particularly busy bringing vegetation to the nest to build it up. What a hectic time they have ahead of them!