Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Research Park

I have had two great holidays in May - Mallorca and Cuenca, Spain.   All those images have yet to be processed and I shall be putting them into books when the time comes!   I shall endeavour to get some posted here too.

Boo has died so I haven't been getting out with a dog(s) for morning walks for a while now, but took myself off to follow a camera around the fields near the Research Park yesterday morning.   How quickly one gets out of the routine of taking photographs with a telephoto lens!   Still, I hope to include a morning walk into my routine more, and enjoyed joining a neighbour taking their 4 month old black labrador puppy for a walk this morning - images to follow all being well!

Here is some wildlife which has become 'typical' of walks round these fields.   I think the Warbler with plenty of food in its mouth is a Willow Warbler, and then was delighted to see the Hare stopping momentarily during a run between rows of potatoes.   A Crow found 'bugs' to eat on the potato field, and this family of Greylag geese and goslings was taking risks as plenty of cars were driving onto the Research Park.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Two large collections of horses used for different purposes - and left out in the open overnight.......

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

More species at Snettisham

It would have been lovely to have seen some Avocet close enough to have photographed them, but the highlight was seeing some Egyptian Geese, two of them with a gosling, which I had never seen before!   The surprise was seeing the two adult Egyptian Geese which appeared to be the parents, having a spat.   Also, on a level with a Black-headed Gull, and what I assume was an albino Mallard.

Dawn on Easter Day

It was a special time being at Snettisham for dawn on Sunday.    No sun to see, but Knot and Oystercatchers 'swooshed' overhead as the high tide denied them feeding grounds for a few hours.    The waders came over in their tens of thousands - there were some wardens undertaking a count!

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Bottisham Lock and Polo Ponies

The Polo Ponies are out in the fields once more and are being exercised along the bank of The Cam, near Bottisham Lock.   I hadn't seen them on this land before - so some reflections.   The other reflection is of willow twigs touching the surface of the water and making pleasing patterns.

It was also good to see a Long-tailed Tit carrying nesting material.    And yet again one of my favourite corners of The Cam.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Visitors from Germany

Yesterday was sunny and Spring-like - for a few days anyway.   It was such a joy to spend a few hours with these friends from Germany who haven't been in England for several years now.    Some of the catching-up was done over lunch in the Anglesey Abbey cafe before a walk through the Winter Garden.    I hadn't met the youngster before who is a delight and full of energy.   Her comprehension of English was very impressive (not yet 5 years old) and she was quite at ease finding 'new best friends' with other families (English) also enjoying the garden.

If some of you recognise the father, then you probably have got the right person!   Everyone is well, gainfully employed and enjoying working in Basle and living in Germany.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Jay in the Garden

It was a delight yesterday morning to see a Jay is continuing to visit the garden and making use of fat balls from a feeder (which needs replacing).   At the time of the RSPB garden bird count earlier in the year there were two Jays in the garden, so the delight would be magnified if a pair is to nest here this year.   While I wouldn't choose to photograph birds on a feeder, getting images of a Jay at close quarters, even through a window, is very exciting.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Ightham Mote, near Sevenoaks, Kent

On the way home I stopped off for a first, and only brief, visit to this National Trust Property.   It is an impressive 14 century moated manor house and in very good condition.   Worthy of another visit....   The Dog House is reported to be the only Grade I listed dog house!   Some of the oak panelling is quite exceptional, and some of the internal doors made of kilted oak panels.

Reading Retreat, Sittingbourne, Kent

Between 6-9 March I was on a Reading Retreat in Kent and had a wonderful time.   Our accommodation was a refurbished Oast House, so several of us had a roundel bedroom!   We didn't lift a finger which left us with as many hours as we wanted to read!   I chose to have a reading prescription from Cressi Downing,(whose inspiration the Retreat is) and after lunch each day we went for a walk locally - but it was very muddy from the melted snow!   The last image is of the Reading Room (in which we didn't speak), and which I found very conducive to tucking myself away, by the window, for several hours at a time - TO READ!

"What a brilliant formula!   I have really enjoyed my stay with all its lovely and loving touches to make one feel spoiled and special".

Hellebores in the Snow

Yet another dusting of Snow last Saturday (17 March) and this time I went out to photograph the Hellebores - which I have to say are a favourite plant and I have several around the garden of differing hues.   These are from the same plant.   And a Viburnum Tinus flower head to finish with.