Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Django's Tiger

I have taken many photographs during this calendar year but not as many as I should have liked have found their way onto this blog.   However, on Sunday afternoon I'd been alerted to a Django's Tiger gig being held at Hot Numbers Cafe in Cambridge.   It was a lovely warm place to be, after dark, and after a day of snow. and before the coldest night of the year to follow.

I wasn't expecting to be taking photographs on this visit but I had a compact Sony RX100 with me and as I know Damian (Rythmn Guitar) he was happy that I should take some images, and here they are - not perfect but reminiscent of the atmosphere.

I was most impressed with the way in which the musicians look to one another so carefully and respectfully:  I hadn't realised that other than the beginning of each piece the musicians are improvising!   I thoroughly enjoyed my time listening to them.   They are excellent!

Sunday, 5 November 2017

More Photographs of Erin's Puppies

These Puppies now have their eyes open and are waddling along.   Their antics are amusing and often explorative.   Erin has been a very good mother and all six Puppies are doing very well.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Kestrel Hovering - Norfolk Coast

The wind was strong enough to make it a little easier capturing a reasonably sharp image of a Kestrel hovering.

Redshank and Little Egret - Norfolk Coast

The tide was out so not many waders in evidence.   However, it is always worth trying to capture the flying activity of birds.    The weather was good enough to catch some reflection too.   Although it wasn't intended to get a Little Egret and Redshank in the same photograph, it does show the marked difference in size.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Fallow Deer - Holkham Hall, Norfolk

It is the rutting season and I had not had the opportunity before to witness the aggression of duelling Bucks, and the apparent indifference shown by the Does.   At Holkham Hall it is possible to wander around the Park at will and even take dogs on leads.   I was surprised how tolerant of humans and dogs the Deer are, so it was possible to get unexpectedly close to the Deer, lying down, grazing or rutting.

Two Bucks are prepared to rush at one another impetuously and lock antlers either on the ground or in the air - how and which one decides the position for each of the tussles remains a mystery!   The encounter between these two Bucks must have lasted 20 minutes and each must have been exhausted by the end of it.    There didn't appear to be a top Buck or a vanquished - that might be why they each started vocalising.............

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Silvers and Golds in the Sky

I shall post some photographs from the Norfolk Coast presently but was so enchanted by the colours in the sky earlier today, that they are finding their way here promptly!   Are these morning colours found elsewhere I wonder, or are they a characteristic of the 'watery' Fens?

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Garden Birds on Saturday Morning

I took the dog up to the north Norfolk coast on Saturday but dallied as there were two Jays in the garden and a colourful Chaffinch.