Friday, 18 January 2019

Setting Sun near Ely

The colours in the sky were confirming of the beauty of the Fens at this time of year.   Perhaps it's not usual to post a landscape in portrait format, but I am attracted to them. Tomorrow I shall be going to Welney WWT for Swans Awake - it is an early start!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Sunrise on The Cam

Last Saturday dawned with a wonderful sunrise and these photographs were taken alongside The Cam near Baits Bite Lock.   The range of colour was magical, and conveniently a Grey Heron flew overhead.   I could have lifted the brightness of some of these images, but am choosing not to as it was still quite dark when I got down to the river and there's a lot of pixilation in the photographs.   Even the lights on each of the boats were showing initially.   Although Roy doesn't look excited by the Men's First Crew from the Free Press Rowing Club, he was!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Some of the birds in St James' Park - Christmas Day

Unsophisticated camera equipment used but I now have my first sighting and photograph of a Parakeet.   The other birds are Shelduck, Coot, Canada Goose and Black Swan.   While I was photographing the Parakeets, a Grey Squirrel twice ran up my leg even though I hadn't any food, and it was too close for me to photograph it!   Did manage a snap shot of a Grey Squirrel jumping from fencing onto someone's hand in which there was food.

Belated - Christmas Day Walk

I hadn't been in St James' Park for many a year and on Christmas morning there were few folk about.   I was reminded of visiting London as a child and being awe-struck by all the 'establishment' buildings and memorials.  A different skyline in places now though! 


Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Wimpole Hall

A couple of the buildings.   Only the centre piece of the facade at Wimpole Hall could be viewed through a telephoto lens and the dark sky behind the Folly didn't precipitate.

'Grazers' at Wimpole Hall

A friend and I walked through the Wimpole Hall Parkland earlier today and I'm posting some of the mammals which graze in this timeless parkland.    I have been attracted to White Park cattle for a while, and the sheep seemed willing to pose.

Few hostelries were open for lunch today but The Plough at Coton was serving some interesting starters and side dishes which 'hit the spot' - and we're not getting any commission for the promotion!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Resolution - hopefully!

I'm not holding my breathe that I shall manage to achieve a photographic record this year, but here's a start.  I don't have a dog at present, nor have I yet made the decision to have another, so I don't get out every morning as I once did.   

However, I went to the Research Park this morning as I'd heard a Bittern had been seen, but it didn't let me see it!   The Grey Heron wasn't seen from the Hide, but what was seen from there was one of two Mute Swans, young Black Backed Gulls (I think), Black Headed Gulls, Shoveler and a Little Egret.   There were other species but only worthy of having been seen for 'twitching' purposes.


Saturday, 25 August 2018

Otto's stay

I have enjoyed having Otto to stay for a little fortnight and we've enjoyed plenty of walks, many of them unfamiliar to him I suspect.   It took a little while for Ditto, the cat, to stand his ground with Otto, but eventually a modus operandi was found.   I shalln't make a decision about possibly having another dog until the winter..................

Quy Fen - 18 August

In over 30 years I haven't seen Quy Fen with such little water in it.    As it's raining hard as I write, I'm sure it won't be that long before the level rises and we shall have forgotten just how long the summer, of unbroken sunshine, lasted.   Quy Fen has been, and perhaps still is, a site for Coprolite and this county was an important site for Coprolite extraction.   Coprolite is fossilised faeces from as early as the Cambrian period.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Starling family

A couple of weeks ago there were several Starlings feeding in the garden, with little love lost between the family members.   The colouring of this year's birds was striking I thought, and I'd never noticed before the red markings which appear on the head, around the eye and beak.   And it can all happen on a bird table..........