Thursday, 17 August 2017

Wagtails - 16 August

It isn't often one sees Yellow Wagtails so I was keen to visit the site where some had been seen recently on the Suffolk border.   In the event there were only Pied Wagtails - a couple of adults and a young one.   They are keeping the postings going..............

Water Lillies - 12 August

It wasn't until I settled on taking a number of photographs of Water Lillies that I noticed just how many insects are attracted to this flower.   Not to include insects meant being patient and/or adjusting the view point.   Is the flower more attractive when there's a reflection or is the large leaf an important inclusion?

Monday, 14 August 2017

Lazy Otter

There are not that many birds, butterflies or dragonflies to be seen on walks these mornings, but I think the walk alongside The Great Ouse has as much as any other destination for 'things on the wing'.

I remember when a flock of House Sparrows was seen often.   This flock was enjoying a veritable feast of wheat grain before flying off to pastures new.   I wonder if this pair of Crested Grebes is the same one as produced a brood earlier in the season and has successfully raised another three chicks.   Both 'families' have been found in the same waters.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Wicken Fen

It has been a long time since I was on Wicken Fen.   This morning I took my usual route - from the Upware end.   Predictably there wasn't much on the wing;  it was just lovely though to be there again and to see two young Common Terns from West Mere Hide after seeing a folk of Canada Geese.   The Small Tortishell butterfly sat on dry mud, the Sweet Rush was in the Lode and the pictures of Straw Bales were taken on the way home.

Worts Meadow - 11 August

Boo doesn't walk far these days as she is nearer 14 years than 13 so a gently walk through the woods keeps her moving and gives me opportunities to take photographs.   The dappled light was attractive, someone had left their jacket on a bench overnight and a Linnet launched the day.

Lazy Otter - Common Tern - 10 August

There isn't that much on the wing these days but it's always a joy to see Terns looking out for food.

Returning to the Blog - Beechwoods 15 July

The last few months have been life changing but I hope now I can resume almost daily postings and capture photographically something of the future as well as recording since May some of the times I've been following a camera lens.   A chronology will not be attempted!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Wiltshire 9 May

I had a few days away near Cheltenham and on my way home stayed a night in Devizes.   Just before reaching Devizes I visited a small nature reserve on Morgan's Hill, near Cherhill.   An enthusiastic photographer was also there and between us we found a Chalkhill Blue Butterfly and at least one type of Orchid.   I'm pretty sure one is a Pyramidal Orchid but I'm not sure the one with spots on it is the same.   It seems too dark for a Common Spotted Orchid though.   Perhaps someone will tell me........   There might even be three different Orchids!

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Back Posting Again

At last I can post some more images.   Perhaps I shall fill in the gaps, but if not, it's good to have been out with a camera when walking Boo this morning.   We went to Bottisham Lock and saw a respectable range of wildlife - birds in the main.   It is always a joy to see Grey Wagtails and Swallows are more plentiful now.   They do seem to enjoy a telegraph wire...   I had seen an earlier Banded Damselfly but not to photograph.


Sunday, 30 April 2017

An Introduction to Barney

I took a rash decision earlier in the week to take on an undisciplined 9 month old dog, Barney.   (I actually don't need any more challenges as things are at present!).

Barney can be beautifully behaved but he has episodes of very challenging behaviour.  Everything goes into his mouth as shown in the first image.   He has been allowed to be top dog and it is going to take a while for him to comprehend fully that that doesn't work round here!   He is the great, great, great grandson of our existing Golden Retriever, Boo.   Thankfully he is respectful of her advanced age (13+).   He is a good looking specimen.............