Saturday, 1 August 2020

Grey Squirrels Frolicking

I have been bingeing on Peregrine and Swift postings this summer - and loving it - such a privilege!   Will be returning to different antics in the garden now and have to hope this squirrel behaviour won't be leading to yet more young this year.   Whole flowers from a Magnolia Grandiflora have been taken off their tree and I've found them lying in pieces around the garden.   Don't know whether they are responsible...

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Brianhuman said...

Nice to see squirrel fun and games - they look good against the rough bark of the tree.

Did the swifts breed successfully? I've been trying to keep track of when swifts depart on migration. The last date I saw them here was on 2nd August. Can you recall when you last saw them there?

Hope you are OK.