Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Bottisham Lock

A lovely windless, sunny morning and a few birds seen.   It was good to see the polo ponies being exercised and my being able to undertake a longer walk than when Boo and I were last there.   What delighted me was seeing some Swallows which have been so few in number this year.   They are presumably nesting at the pumping station but they didn't take kindly to a Kestrel sitting on the roof of 'their' building!   A Banded Demoiselle sat quietly for a while.   These cygnets are too large now to be thinking about taking a ride on a parent's back.  Not sure about the monochrome rendering of a Grey Heron.....

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brianhuman said...

I quite like the monochrome heron, nice range of tones.

Yesterday watched two herring gulls mobbing a heron over the City centre. Are the gulls breeding there? Rather far in land for them.